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Burst Management is powered for placement!! Let's get your brand on more retail and online shelves throughout the United States!

Whether you’re a new company, launching a new line item or looking to expand into a new channel, Burst Management is here to serve. Our team has many years of experience and industry relationships that have created massive success for companies you recognize. We invite your company to join this growing list of successful brands.

Burst Services

Burst has four services that cover all aspects of any size of brand looking to expand distribution and sales. Burst offers Basic, Pro, Elite or Equity packages. All levels have detailed information and specific processes that enhance client communication, sales, reporting and analysis, paperwork and strategic marketing reviews.

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Every company is built on thoughtful and strategic actions. We need to plan your distribution network carefully, creating a win/win for all parties. Pricing, paperwork, promotions and opening offers all need to addressed.


Expansion and brand recognition can happen for you quickly! We have recieved very large opening orders so planning responsiblbly is what we excel at.


We have built a strong framework of experts who can support your needs. From brokers, to key distributor contacts to retail buyers across all categories.


We want you to have a profitable experience and that means working smart and strategically with the right partners. Our aim is to set you up so you can gain momentum quickly!


Many years of experience has allowed us to build tracking systems that help us create success for your brand. You can now easily keep up-to-date on your current accounts, sales, follows ups, samples you sent and upcoming presentations.

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