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Sarah Grady

Sarah Grady

Account Manager

Sarah began her extensive CPG career by happenstance, starting a position at local Whole Foods 3 minutes away from her first apartment in the city. She worked through the ranks being promoted to Purchasing in their Flagship store on the East Coast and then took her passion and skills to local chain, Apothecary Department Head at Kimberton Whole Foods.

Her long-standing experience on the sales floor brings a unique perspective and understanding of consumers to her clients. Sarah’s favorite part of the CPG industry is hearing the incredible, unique stories and passion behind each product. She is the first one to celebrate humble beginnings to getting on a store shelf.

Accomplishments Include

  • Purchasing for Bulk and Whole Body at WFM Philly Center City, a Flagship store on the East Coast
  • Discovering and presenting local brands to enter into the set at WFM
  • Recipient of Annual Customer Service Award out of 300 Team Members
  • Raising Department Sales an average of 20% YOY in the Apothecary at Kimberton Whole Foods

When Sarah isn’t championing natural brands you can find her photographing weddings, tending her pollinator garden, and drinking an iced latte even when it’s 12 degrees.