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    Zac has worked in customer satisfaction and sales since his first job in high school where he honed his talent and discovered his love of helping his clients achieve their goals. In 2016 he started at Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness where he would learn the excitement of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. These experiences would become prominent when he became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and started truly changing lives by helping his clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

    As a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Zac has a model background in communications. When he started working in promotions for iHeart Radio and Saga Communications after graduation, he became an expert in business to business relations. This required him to attend large events where he had great success promoting both the radio station and their clients.

    Accomplishments include

    Was responsible for driving revenue and achieving a $400k annual revenue team target Creating detailed road maps for clients on reaching their fitness and nutrition goals Organized promotional events to draw in customers while meeting client standards Received a MedExpress Top Customer Service Representative award for 2020

    In his free time, Zac loves working out, golfing, watching movies, and listening to music. Amongst his friends and family, he is commonly referred to as the “walking IMDb page.” Although his knowledge for movie trivia is impressive, amongst those same friends and family it can also get quite tiresome. As an avid concert goer, when his favorite band is coming to town he is the first to buy tickets. Zac also has a daughter he adores more than anything in the world and enjoys sharing his favorite hobbies with.