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InsoZia – Patented Herbal Sleep Aid

InsoZia – Patented Herbal Sleep Aid

If you’re having difficulty falling or staying asleep, try InsoZia and you will be amazed. Our exclusive patented sleep aid is made from a totally natural formulation of herbal ingredients extracted with innovative techniques preserving purity. This makes InsoZia a highly effective natural supplement.

Radix Polygalae (Yuan Zhi) and Semen Platycladi (Bai Zi Ren) are the sleep aid’s main ingredients. These herbal extracts have been used for hundreds of years to effectively treat sleeplessness, while calming the mind and nourishing the heart.

By scientifically extracting these two herbal ingredients and combining them according to a very unique patented formula, Viva was able to produce the highly effective InsoZia sleep aid. This supplement helps to modulate sleeping cycles so that people who toss and turn all night long can finally regain their ability to get a good night’s sleep.

With InsoZia you will fall asleep more quickly, sleep much longer and wake up every morning feeling refreshed. For a natural non habit-forming sleep aid, InsoZia can’t be beat!