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Sheryl Lynn | Burst Management
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Sheryl Lynn

Sheryl Lynn

Business Development Coordinator



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    For the past 20 years, Sheryl Lynn has passionately and enthusiastically driven corporate and team strategies for sales teams. Sheryl creates lasting partnerships by using a multi-faceted skillset which includes solving problems, listening to the needs of others, developing business strategies and going the extra mile to secure new business. Sheryl also is vital to the operations of Burst Management, making sure the team is focused while giving the account managers encouragement and resources to expand sales.

    Accomplishments Include

    • Essence Water, Inc, Nationwide Sales
    • Dynamic Trade Show Leadership
    • AquaHydrate – Built and created demo teams in the Southern Pacific Region, most sales in the company
    • Walking With America – Conception to Completion, a personal journey from The Keys to San Francisco
    • Nutburgers – Organized sales and managed regional demo teams
    • Entrepreneur – Beautiful Life Productions, Our Place Bar and Grill
    • Chiapas Coffee, National Sales Manager – Increasing profits by 30%
    • Williams Realty, Inc. – 14 years, Rookie of the Year, Top 10 Most Sales, year after year
    • North Central Technical Institute — A.A. Honors; Graphic Design, Sign Language Interpreting

    Another vital role of Sheryl’s at Burst Management is to evaluate trade show opportunities and to attend these shows on behalf of our clients. Tradeshows have given Sheryl global experience in the CPG industry for the past 15 years, building relationships and networking with industry leaders. Sheryl has traveled to small shows from Oregon to Orlando, and numerous large shows in Las Vegas, NV. Sheryl attends Expo East and Expo West nearly every year. Internationally, she has exhibited at shows in Russia, Singapore, and Puerto Rico.

    Before coming to Burst Management, Sheryl had created many events throughout the USA where she was a host or facilitator. Some types of events Sheryl has conceptualized are around business networking, healthy cooking, women’s empowerment, and sporting events. Sheryl’s main focus was to gather attendees, organize, engage, entertain, inform, and inspire her audiences.

    Personal Accomplishments Include

    • Trails- Mt. Tallac, Half Dome Yosemite Trails, Mt. Hood, Waihee Ridge Trail (Wailuku, Maui), Rocky Mountains, Pacific Crest Trail, John Muir Trail, Big Sur Backcountry, Sequoias
    • Walking Across America
    • Kayaking on the Paint River in Michigan/White Water on the Skykomish, Washington State
    • Participation in over a dozen races – 5K’s to 6+ ½ marathons, longest bike ride was 72 miles in 9 hours
    • Teaching children to ski in Lake Tahoe
    • Sign Language performances for all ages, kids to seniors

    You can’t often find Sheryl, but if you want to, you might ask her husband, who has location access. Also, you might try any State or National Campground in the USA. Or, it is possible she is hanging out with her granddaughter…who says, “Lolli, (sounds like Wally), can we walk on the Dylan Trail to the yellow rock and the flag at the cabin house?” You know the answer, “Of course we can!