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Value Proposition, Messaging & Positioning
A Value Proposition is a summary of how your product or service is a benefit to your customers. It’s that flag at the top of the mountain that you plant that declares “this is who we are, what we do, for whom, and why we do it better than anyone else in the market”. It presents the most compelling reasons why a prospective buyer should become a customer and highlights the benefit or feature that sets you apart from every other company in the market.

Crafting effective value propositions may sound straightforward but the process can be challenging because they need to be distinct, concise and interesting. They also need to be user-centric, which means focusing on what users need as opposed to what you offer.

Your positioning statement becomes the central theme for all marketing from your web site to collateral materials to press releases. It follows a formula, “For ___ who ___, our ___ is ___ that ____” It is written in external-facing marketing language.

Messaging Pillars sit underneath your Positioning Statement and set out (generally) 3 differentiating points of your offering(s). Key messages are then developed that, from a user benefit standpoint, support those marketing pillars.

With these materials developed, you have well-developed, differentiated, copy-ready messages to use across your company & all of your marketing assets. Companies find that while they have been operating at a “just fine” level without having done this work; that they come out the other side with new energy as the process inevitably brings forth exciting new ways to talk about their products. Another benefit is providing the company a solid set of messages that enable them to speak with “one voice” across sales, marketing, online, etc.

Collaboratively and with trial and error, Christine and the Burst Team identified this service as essential to Burst clients. It is devised to have the most impact while keeping it affordable. We would aim to keep the project at 10-12 hours of Christine’s creative time. This would include a 90-minute call to kick-off for understanding, a 4-5 hour writing/research session, another 90-minute call to review, another 2 hours of re-write on my part, and then another hour or so with them to finalize!

“Christine has continually been an important part of the Burst Team, making significant improvements in the direction and focus of marketing campaigns. She has a strong message and her focus is such a big part of the long term success of the clients we work with. We highly recommend Christine’s expertise when it comes to marketing.”
~ Burst Team