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Repurpose, Inc. has engaged Mike Robinson and his associates as consultants for over a year to help build our natural business channel.

Mike has been instrumental to Repurpose’s success. He has an amazing Rolodex at the distributor and store level as well as brokers and helped Repurpose create a successful network. He has secured key accounts like Albertsons as well as other important retailers. Whenever Repurpose needs to get in a chain, Mike always figures it out and follows through with an appointment.

Mike and his team take an active interest in the life of Repurpose and they have become an extension of our internal staff.

I would highly recommend Mike’s network to anyone looking to expand their company’s sales network.

Corey Scholibo, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Reprupose Compostables, http://www.repurposecompostables.com

The Burst Management team is hands down the most effective and hardworking industry professionals I have ever met.
They always have our best interest in mind and represent my brand with real class. In my experience, they aligned us with the strongest and most valuable players in the food and beverage industry.

Monica Ord, Founder & CEO, Citizen E-Cigs, https://citizenecig.com

Mike Robinson and team were responsible for setting up brokers and distributors as well as selling direct to retailers in the Southeast and Midwest.
They were instrumental in setting up accounts like Winn Dixie, Stop and Shop, Kroger (3 divisions), Whole Foods and UNFI. Mike and his team are very knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of retail sales. We highly endorse Burst Management.

James Slatic, Executive, VP Aromatica, http://aromatica.org

Burst Management’s success is due to the entire team keeping a watchful eye on all aspects of the business; retailers, brokers and distributors. 
I have seen Mike Robinson, a colleague of mine for over 25 years build many successful businesses as it relates to the food and beverage industry. Mike and his team have the experience and knowledge to put together a strategic plan for their business partners. They are mindful to the needs at hand on a daily basis, but keep their eye on the end goal. I strongly recommend Burst Management and Mike Robinson to manufacturers who want to get the job done right the first time.

Mike Ward, CEO First Wave Sales, Inc. http://www.firstwavesales.com

My business was just barely on the rails a few years ago. After Burst Management entered the picture, my beverage train is whistling down the track with a crystal clear vision. Together, we have developed worldwide measurable results with incredible focus on the final destination. I could not have done it without Burst!

Joel Gabriel, Founder & CEO Essence Water, Inc. http://essenceph10.com

Daniel was wonderful to work with on generating graphics to create a uniform look across all of our social media platforms. He really listened to us about how we wanted to present Jessicurl. He was able to be consistent with our brand image and used our feedback to produce assets that not only looked visually pleasing but also kept our brand looking sharp and polished. Daniel’s turn around time was fast and his communication was clear and well thought out. I’d absolutely recommend him and look forward to working with Daniel Alfaro again in the future! Daniel is a great addition to the Burst Management Team of Professionals!

Jess McGuinty, Founder Jessicurl https://www.jessicurl.com

Feel Natural Energy appreciates Burst Management’s regular communication, their proactive approach and their industry knowledge and connections. We feel that our goals and strategies are fully supported by Burst’s entire team. Since working with them, we feel that we have true partners who are invested in our success. They believe in Feel as much as we do! And to top it off, they’re nice people to work with. http://www.feelenergy.com/

Howard Dembs, Vice President & Principal Nurish Brands, Inc - Feel Energy http://www.feelenergy.com

We at Viva have worked hard to promote our products but needed a Broker that would work hard for us. We had tried a couple of marketing agents but we were not happy with the results. Fortunately we met members of Burst’s team at Expo West. We knew right away how hard working and industrious they were as they introduced us to key players in the Nutraceutical field, even at a busy trade show. Once we got home we decided to sign up and we are so glad we did. Burst has helped open doors for us that will help us very long term. They are professional, detail oriented and personable. We will be working with them for a long time and highly recommend them to other businesses that need a top notch management team.

David Ko, Vice President Viva Health Solutions, www.vivahealthsolutions.com

Zenify Drinks began with the belief that people can make progress when they are stress-free. That is how I feel when working with Burst Management. Burst is family run and committed to forming lasting partnerships in the beverage industry for Zenify. Burst works every day to help buyers discover Zenify and facilitate all aspects of the sale so I can focus elsewhere. They achieve exceptional and profitable results. Mike Robinson has been a true partner, and expert in all facets of the business as he guides us through the complicated aspects of building a brand. The entire Burst team is valuable, each adding skill and talents that offer a very well balance sales force that helps Zenify reach its potential in the market. Burst team members are professional, caring people, and I can count on them to grow my company. In the end, we know that they are 100% behind getting Zenify into the hands of people all over the world.

Adam Rosenfeld, CEO and Founder, http://zenifydrinks.com

Great team, solid family, and real results you can count on.

In 2006 I hired Mike Robinson to be the SR. VP of Sales for Aquahydrate, Inc. which produces a mineralized high pH sports water.

Through his deep and lasting relationships in several channels in the industry, Mike was key in the growth of the company. His accomplishments were many, including: worldwide distribution into the U.S. Military, national distribution in the natural, grocery, and C-Store channels and the maintenance and development of all the relationships therein.

Mike is a loyal, determined, hard working man with a big heart. During our time together, we went through all the ups and downs that come with a start-up company in the beverage world, and our time in the trenches together have given me the insight into him as a friend and partner that makes it very easy for me to recommend him in any position in which he believes he can make a difference.

Having watched as Sheryl successfully worked alongside of Mike while she was working on the sales side of the business at AquaHydrate, I am confident that under the Burst Management banner these two will continue their many facets of success for your brand consultation needs. Great team, solid family, and real results you can count on.

Richard Berry III, Business Partner

The entire Burst Management organization has been exactly what SprinJene has been looking for.

The communication has been outstanding. Nicole Jones, our account manager, has been available 24/7 and gets us the answers we need to keep the momentum going. We are very appreciative of the Burst Team and the connections they have created for SprinJene.