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Taylor Romatoski

Taylor Romatoski

Major Account Manager



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    Taylor applies a strong analytic approach of economics with the technical aspects of business management to support the Burst Team and its clients. Through her experiences, Taylor has recognized that computing has become intrinsic to business, therefore, she uses her economic and financial background to analyze the success and sustainability for CPG companies.

    Accomplishments Include

    • Prepared reports, tables, and charts that present easy-to-digest sales results
    • Administrative Director for Burst Management
    • Expertise in KeHE connect and UNFI SIS reporting systems and processes
    • Conducted surveys and collected data for client improvement flow
    • Created an organized system for data management and reporting for client update system
    • Continuous retail placement for grocery products in the dry, refrigerated, and frozen categories
    • Analyzed consumer demand and sales to help the company maximize its profits
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Economics from UC Santa Cruz

    As a graduate of UC Santa Cruz in the Business Economic Management Program, Taylor has a good understanding of current affairs and how trends in society can affect consumer demand. She uses her diverse background to look at the whole picture from math, social science, politics, marketing, and geography to provide the best strategies and outcomes for her teams.

    Before committing to a full-time position with Burst Management, Taylor has been in and around the consumer packaged goods industry most of her life. She started her career as a demo salesperson and outsold most other people she worked with. Using these skills, Taylor moved up to the administration department and excelled at streamlining sales processes and organizing strategies. She now is closing deals with buyers retailers and distributors across the nation.

    Taylor has also taught undergraduate classes at UC Santa Cruz and this is one of the factors to achieving Summa cum laude, a degree with the highest distinction.

    Taylor lives in Altadena, CA amongst the peacocks, llamas, wild parakeets and coyotes. She enjoys a cup of coffee while strategizing on her back porch in the cutest little house ever.